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Growler Fills FAQ

What is a Growler!?

Its a glass container which we put beer in. We provide them in either 1 or 2 litre capacity. They come with a swing top closing, which can hold pressure. We sanitise and flush them with CO2 before filling.

How long does the beer last?
If you do not open the growler and keep the growler in the fridge, it should remain fresh for up to a week. Once opened, we recommend you consume the beer within about 36 hours. Pour and seal the beer quickly if you want to do this.

How do I get a growler.
We can provide these for you. We take a refundable deposit. If you are making your first growler order, please ensure you add one to your basket. Choose the right size for the fill you want, 1L or 2L. When the time comes that you don't want any beer in future, just return the growler in good order, let us know you dont want anymore growler beer and we will refund you.

Can I use my own growler.
Yes! As long as the growler is marked in 1L or 2L sizes. You also need to ensure you bring the growler to us clean and sanitised. You will need to visit the bar or drop the growler off in advance for this to happen. Sometimes if your growler is warm it will be difficult for us to fill, maybe leave some cold clean water in when you bring it in.

How do I order beer in a growler?
If its your first time ordering a growler, head to the "merchandise" section and add the correct growler size to your order. Next, head to the "From our taps/kegs". Look for the beers offered in 1L or 2L sizes and add this to your cart. Obviously if you only have one growler, you can only add one beer. The beer size must match the growler size you have.
When we drop the growler off, or you collect it, we will take your empty growler from you. Please ensure you rinse it thoroughly after use and leave the cap open and label on.

How do I clean my growler?
Once you have finished your delicious beer. Please rinse the growler thoroughly. Leave the lid open to help it dry. We will take care of the rest of the cleaning and sanitising.