Our bar will open outside from the 15th April. Please click the link below to book a table.

Privacy Information.

We take privacy seriously, nobody likes their information passing on to 3rd parties or being used for means which it was not intended.

  1. Where we capture your information for Track & Trace. This information is kept securely and removed/destroyed after 21 days. It is only used to track down who has been in our bar at a particular time/date and only if requested by the official track and trace team.
  2. We verify your age when you visit our site, purely for legal reasons. We may check your age when you visit our bar as we operate a Challenge 25 system.
  3. If you use our website or the track and trace system to book in, we will only send you emails if you agree to be contacted by emails. These will be infrequent and are used to let you know about special offers, free deals, discounts, up and coming beers and special event openings. You can if you wish unsubscribe from these at any time.
  4. If you use our wi-fi, although it is encrypted, we cannot be held responsible if your information is compromised whilst using this service. You should use a VPN service to protect your information further if you are worried about this.
  5. If we are running a loyalty scheme and you are subscribed to that, we only use your information for keeping track of loyalty points and informing you of how many points you have.